Best NAS Storage For 2018

Imagine going to work in your office and then realize that the computer you use is out of order. All the data on the computer’s hard disk is gone, and a meeting is waiting for you. It becomes a big problem. How about a data’ storage system that has been centralized and can be accessed from any other computer connected to the same network, it is one of the great things NAS can do.

NAS means Network Attached Storage. Most of the computer’s storage in the past was handled by disks or drives connected directly to the computer. In the recent times, especially with organizations information handling, accessibility is vital. Therefore, shared data needs to be centralized to enhance reliability, security, accessing the data efficiently and faster. Network Attached Storage is a technique where different users who have permissions access stored data on a storage device on a specific network. NAS comes as either pre-populated or diskless. Pre-populated NAS is formatted for a particular use through RAID (redundant array of independent disks) configuration, while the diskless is not usually formatted. There are different types of RAID levels. RAID is a way of protecting data by storing same information on multiple hard disks.

NAS is a stand-alone unit managed through browser used to configure the Network Attached storage device. NAS uses different file storage protocols to support different operating system users in the office or prominent organizations. Protocols supported by NAS storage device operate at the same time and simultaneously. Commonly approved protocols include; NFS used by Linux operating system users, AFP for Apple Macintosh Computers users and SMB for Microsoft based operating system users. NAS supports several networks to allow communication between devices. The networks include HTTP, FTP NFS among many others.

With so many types of NAS in the market, the right one to buy is the question that most users ask themselves. Whether you choose a diskless or pre-populated NAS storage, you will still need to buy the BEST NAS STORAGE FOR 2018. Manufacturers of diskless NAS recommend specific drives models to use with their product. If purchasing new drives, consider the manufacturer’s approval. Do the same to the older one that you might have for purposes of compatibility. It is always good to stick to the manufactures recommendations.

Depending on the intended use, NAS can be used in various ways. It can be used as a media-streaming device. However for it to work it requires hardware or software to enable it to play most media files. Can also be used as connectors and controls, NAS has o more than one USB ports that are used to connect to external storage devices and a printer. Once the drive is connected, it is used by all the connected users. The ports do not only allow for connection but also enables copying of data from the external flash drive to a pre-designed location in the NAS. Handy remote access features also have the ability of NAS; this is where the NAS drives allow accessibility of particular file in your NAS by sending web links to people that may need that information. The functionality serves you as well as you can also connect and download files, stream movies from home NAS to wherever you may be through the internet.

Below are some of the NAS drives to consider in 2018;

  • QNAP’s TS-251NAS dual-drive: best read/write performance has a functional RAID recovery can be used to media stream from anywhere, excellent visualizations abilities, and above all it is affordable.
  • Seagate Personal Cloud (3TB): Have several drives, it is a pre-populated type, has a competitive speed thus does a good job when media streaming, prices are pocket-friendly and can automatically integrate with another online cloud site.
  • • Synology DiskStation DS1517: five-bay network-attached storage, designed for use in small and medium enterprises. The five-bay feature enables several RAID configurations can support and synchronize numerous apps, and it is user-friendly though might be expensive.
  • Promise Apollo: is a 4-terabyte helpful most for personal use such as automatic back up for videos and snapshots you take with your smartphone as well as downloads
  • QNAP TS-253B: a two-bay NAS device. Most profitable to small-to-medium enterprises. It is easy to use, has several apps such as multimedia, security, backup, and data management apps. It also has excellent input and outputs ports, but it is diskless.

When selecting NAS device, be knowledgeable about the intended use. For disk-less NAS, follow the manufactures recommendation. For the one that comes with storage devices check the features such as ease of use, remote accessibility, the apps it can manage and ability to synchronize.

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  • April 8, 2018 at 4:20 am

    Seagate Personal Cloud (3TB) tested and proven, cmon guys try it for you to believe.

  • April 21, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    NAs storage are reliable, safe, not so costly.


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