A perfect guide to the best tape recovery strategies

A perfect guide to the best tape recovery strategies

Using tapes for data storage is one of the most reliable methods of storing data that go back to many decades. The tapes don’t just provide the best and the most robust way to store data, but they are also one of the cheapest options around, when it comes to storing a large amount of data. Though open reel tapes have vanished a long time back, these days, tape cartridges such as IBM 3590, LTO Ultrium and DLT are used in the data storage industry. The most common process that used for data storage is called Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). In this type of storage model, you can store almost infinite amount of data by using the tapes.

However, it would not be wrong to say that tapes can also face disasters and can also go through some serious damage. In those cases, no amount of insurance money can replace the damage and may even lead to serious financial losses for a business organization. What magnifies the impact of damage in case of tape is its functionality. In tapes, the drive has to pass through each part of the tape, and in case it is damaged, it affects the numerous places in the recording. Whatever may be the case, tapes are still the most robust way for long-term storage of data. Fortunately, there are many tape recovery companies that specialise in DLT Tape Recovery and LTO Tape Recovery. They are capable of providing you the best recovery solutions. According to the surveys, the success rate of recovery, in case of tapes, is much more than in any other form of storage medium.

So what are the most common types of damages that the tapes can go through? Let’s have a look:

  • Data corruption: This type of damage often results from the improper handling of the tapes, such as operational errors, etc.
  • Physical disasters: Most common and often the most serious form tape damage. They can result from the broken or expired tapes, or floods and fires.
  • Unreliable upgrades: There are many instances when software upgrades result in data corruption and make the tapes unable to read by the servers.

How the tape data Recovery works?

Although the tapes are the most preferred way to store data for long-term storage, there are instances when the stored data can become inaccessible. In those cases, only a reputable data recovery company can assist you. The reputable data recovery companies can recover data from any kind of corrupted tape cartridges such as AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), LTO (Linear Tape Open), and DLT (Digital Linear Tape), among others.

In DLT Tape Recovery and LTO Tape Recovery, the data recovery experts often create a copy of the tape before starting out the actual process of recovery. This step helps them to prevent accidental deletion of data, in case any error occurs during the recovery process. Though the data recovery experts are capable to recover almost all the data, there are cases when the damage is much more than anticipated, and data becomes quite difficult to recover. In those serious issues, when LTO Tape Recovery becomes almost impossible, the backup systems play the most important role in recovering the data. The automated backup systems can backup all the data automatically, though you have to set the backup tape regularly; having said that, most of the organisations realise the need of a backup system only after they face these types of tape damages. Fortunately, till then we have data recovery companies to recover our precious data.

A Review of DROBO NAS Storage

A Review of DROBO NAS Storage

Drobo is an expansive external drive which can hold up to terabytes of data. Drobo 5N is among the most famous network-attached storage products. It was intended to address the issues of performance and affordability. It also holds a little impression which is perfect for desk placement. It is easy to utilize and therefore suitable for beginners. Drobo 5N is proficient and very simple to use. Its primary application is to help share information.

Features of Drobo NAS storage

  • Dimensions is of 5.9 x 7.3 x 10.3 inches which is (150.3 x 185.4 x 262.3 mm)
  • Weight: (3.86 kg) without drives or some other external part.
  • CPU
  • Marvell Armada XP Quad-Core. The processor is a low power which has a 2 gigabytes system memory. Its operating system is Linux based and rests in a DOM from Apacer which is NAND streak based. Henceforth, the files that help to run the system are not in your storage array.
  • System Memory
  • 4x Sk Hynix 4Gb which is 2GB altogether
  • Drive Bays
  • 5 Tray-less
  • Cache Bay
  • 1x mSATA. This port takes into consideration quicker access to files which help in preventing reformatting.


It is versatile with a weight of 3.9kg without hard drives and other external parts. It is little in size and won’t take up a large part of space in your office.

It is easily expandable due to its ability to allow simple replacement of an old disk drive with new one.

It has a set of LED indicators that flash or make an action in case the drive is running low on space, or there is an issue with a specific drive. It prevents harm to your whole investment due to a malfunctioning disk.

It has a single port at the back of the system which is gigabit Ethernet while the other port is for the external power supply that sustains the system.

In case of power outage, the internal battery will flush any cached information to your storage system. The internal battery guarantees that your data is transferred to a safe storage place before shutting down. The rechargeable battery does not require any replacement ever in the entire life of the system.

It has five trays-less drive bays which are 3.5″ and accepts your drives with no mounting, for example, a Carrier.

It has a mSATA port that enables the user to install a solid-state drive through Drobo’s Data-Aware Tiering that allows for fast IO caching.

The viability of the drive will be dictated by your workload since it only caches workloads at a different rate.

It has a double redundancy which may reduce the available capacity; however, it gives the ability to withstand information loss in case the drive fails.

It is easily recognized by The Drobos Dashboard which allows configuration and setup of the gadget. The dashboard enables you to control and customize the 5N.

The Drobo 5N has security as a feature of the gadget. It can search and recognize any information that is corrupted. It protects your data all the times, and you will never again need to do the manual checks for any corrupted data.

It is compatible with most types of drives in regards to brands, models, and capacities. Regardless of whether it is an SSD or HDD drive, it will work with 5N.

The Drobo Apps platform offers several useful solutions and can be utilized to expand the performance of the 5N.


The Drobo 5N is sold at favorite online retailers for $489.99. The 5N diskless model is priced at $549 at Drobo stores. The stores allow clients to configure the system using the pre-installed plate. It additionally offers a choice in various capacities. At Drobo’s online prices, a 5N with five 2 TB drives runs US$1,099.The same gadget on Amazon goes at $490 and extra five 2 TB NAS hard drives for $98.95 each, which is under $1,000.


In The United States, the allowed warranty is one year which translates to 2 years in the European Union. Moreover, the user can enjoy 24/7 customer care telephone support which goes on for 90 days after purchasing the device. You can buy an additional warranty from DroboCare. One year warranty cost for about$129 while the increment is $279 three years.

Drobo 5N is well designed, easy to install and relatively quick. It is very affordable, flexible and expandable.